2016-2017 Photography Internship


Dates: October 3 or spring semester (start date to align with start of semester)
Location: Downtown Chicago

About this job


  • creative eye
  • able to easily take instructions on shoots
  • working knowledge of photography (will be taking photos for the website)
  • working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • attend at least one event per month with Victoria (other events are optional)
  • always on time


  • camera
  • prior professional experience

(If you’re interested in expanding the internship past photography)

  • research products for placement on website (accessories, beauty prodcuts, clothing)
  • research articles and events
  • manage events calendar including invitations and requests
  • compile analytics
  • update website
  • test natural, organic beauty products and write reviews
  • post to social media

All content you create and work on can be used in your portfolio. Internship is only available for course credit.


  • Write a short paragraph about your favorite fashion brands, magazines and accounts/websites you follow/read
  • Attach a PDF of your resume (no Word/Google docs please!)
  • Photography: if you don’t have photos that you’ve taken in a portfolio, you can submit your Instagram or any photo sharing account(s).

About The Rose Reserve

Everything at The Rose Reserve focuses on cultivating a chic, clean and creative life.

CHIC: The Rose Reserve’s audience is primarily women in their 20s and early 30s whose main goal when coming to the website is to find inspiration on how to style their clothing in a unique way and make their current wardrobe more versatile. Victoria’s (editorial director) personal style aesthetic is playful glam that infuses unique elements such as luxe textures and vintage pieces.

CLEAN: In a few weeks we will be launching a natural, organic beauty section, which will mostly focus on reviews of products in website posts and on YouTube. Our mission is to be the authority on “cool, not crunchy, natural, organic beauty” by offering authentic content to readers who want to incorporate natural elements into their lives without losing the designer beauty product allure and quality.

CREATIVE: Our goal is to inspire readers to enact positive changes through style and beauty and create the lifestyle they desire. Our photo style is bright, editorial and high-quality. We ensure that our photos and content are professional and align with journalistic standards, yet remain conversational and engaging.

Read more at therosereserve.com/about

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