How to Wear Sequins Any Time


No longer reserved for Saturday night, your grandmother’s holiday wear, or dance recitals of yore.

Sequins. Usually I loathe the tiny glittering disks, out of spite to their placement on the gauche side of the sparkle spectrum. But, as I continue to develop a theme for my wardrobe (more on that later), the occasional sequin, strategically executed, excites me.

For those of you who think you cannot wear the shimmering saucers whenever you want, without looking silly or trying too hard, read on for my three secrets to styling sequins (then say that seven times fast) and FAQs.

topshop-gunmetal-metallic-socksTip one: Get longevity out of your formerly “reserved” for holidays and special occasion pieces by juxtaposing it piece of your with something minimal. Two particular pairings I would wear: a sequin top with denim bottoms (as shown above) and sequin jogger pants pair with sneakers and a t-shirt.


Tip two: If you are afraid to sparkle (don’t let this be an analogy for your life though!), monochrome your sequins to mute the shine. A baggy sweater, loosely half-tucked into a sequin pencil skirt of the same color equates to sophisticated fun and in most scenarios (sorry, corporate!) is work appropriate.


Tip three: Mix sparkle with shine. By limiting the sequins to one item of your outfit, adding a metallic piece in a neutral tone will complement, not detract from your embellishments.


Frequently Asked Questions (that I ask myself):

Is purchasing a sequin item a waste of money because it’s not durable and/or it’s only seasonal? 
No! By practicing the tips above you can extend your piece throughout the year.

How do I know how much to spend on a sequin piece? 
Calculate your cost-per-wear which the financial experts at LearnVest explain here.

I can’t put it in the washer and I don’t feel like taking it to the dry cleaners every time I wear it. So, how do I clean it? 
Just like with denim, you don’t need to wash your sequin element after every wear. Extend the wash cycle to every 10 wears by using a natural fabric refresher (I use this one from Whole Foods) and spot treating any stains with a natural stain remover (my favorite). For easy instructions how to wash, here’s four step instructions from WikiHow. I prefer to use this magic soap on sequin items since it’s gentle on fabric and skin (and I also use it to clean my makeup brushes!).

I’m really into this crazy-colored sequin piece. How do I maximize my usage and/or incorporate it into my every day look? (Alternatively titled, how do I wear sequins and not look like I did the first time I went to a bar—a.k.a. doing the most?)
The best way to optimize usage of any fabric you have  reservations about (sequin or not) is to first buy it as an accessory and wear it as often as possible. By choosing a color that accentuates what you already have in your closet, it will be simple to find outfits combinations.

What if the item I like is not an accessory? 
Is it going to make you excited to get dressed? If you answered yes and the cost-per-wear works for your lifestyle, then spend that cash, girl.

Love to hear from everyone so leave comments and questions below!

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