The Rose Reserve is a Chicago based fashion and all-natural beauty website that exhibits inspiration for a chic, clean, conscious, and creative life. It produces editorialized, captivating photos and informative, well-researched articles that curate trend-defying pieces that are easy to integrate into any wardrobe and illustrate how to utilize natural beauty and skincare in a cool, not crunchy way.

Victoria Rose is the creative director of The Rose Reserve. Since she was young, she’s used fashion and beauty to portray her moods and personality. Through all of the fads of the ‘90s and ‘00s, wearing a school uniform, and trying to define who she was as a person, Victoria realized that she loathed being restricted to what someone else thought or wanted her to wear. She believes fashion should be fun, uplifting, reveal your personality, and always make you feel good about yourself, whether you’re in sneakers or seven-inch heels. 

Victoria is a recovering brand name makeup addict and has spent more than half of her life testing beauty products. Starting in junior high, when her skin started breaking out and she wanted to find a way to calm her unruly, thick and curly hair, she would scrutinize beauty and health magazines, keeping notebooks of hundreds of products and their results. In 2013, she started investigating an all-natural lifestyle, first with cleaning products, then food, then beauty products. Victoria’s always had extremely sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin, and after using “dirty” products for years, she realized she needed to try something different. Now, she’s 100 percent committed to living a natural lifestyle,  90 percent of the time. A girl needs her hair color, weekly cheat meal, and she can’t escape the hand soap in public restrooms!

Victoria is an experienced writer, editor and digital marketer. When working with her, you can be assured that your content and product are always represented in a professional manner. She is available for the following:

  • brand collaborations
  • brand/product consulting
  • event hosting
  • product reviews
  • promotions and sponsorships
  • social media takeovers
  • speaking engagements

Custom requests not mentioned above are welcome and will be accommodated as much as possible. Email Victoria at victoria@therosereserve.com the details of your idea and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

All of The Rose Reserve’s beauty, health and skincare content, whether sponsored or not, is completely authentic, adheres to high standards, is supported by outside references (when necessary), and is based on rigorous research and testing. While the content is created to provide insight into the world of natural beauty, Victoria Rose is not certified or licensed in holistic or medical studies. Therefore, the content does not substitute for professional guidance. Please seek a healthcare professional before implementing any of the advice and/or treatments mentioned.

The Rose Reserve will not share your personal information with third parties. The Rose Reserve is not responsible for any content that is mentioned or shared outside of this website and its social media. All collaborations and sponsored promotions will be made evident in each article and on social media.