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Whether you’re just discovering (pun intended) the natural beauty world or you’re already a pro and want to try some new products, Credo Beauty’s Discovery Kit is a fabulous opportunity. I could write a manifesto on how much I love to uncover, test and share new beauty products so I was extremely enthusiastic to investigate this package. The kit arrived in a medium-sized beige canvas zipper case with salmon-colored calligraphy reading “super good“ (part of Credo’s tagline) on one side and the company’s logo on the reverse. Upon opening the package the packing paper was overwhelmingly scented, which I did not prefer, but it did not deter me from the goodies within: seven travel size products for hair, skin and underarms. The entire kit is for sale on Credo’s website for $59 (a $95 value). Although I’ve shopped online at Credo Beauty before, I’ve never tried any of the products included in the kit, so go forth and read my first-time user reviews and leave a comment or a question below!

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
You know when it’s the day after you should have washed your hair but you just didn’t want to because washing and styling your hair is a tedious process (and you’d rather be sleeping)? I actually was really excited to wash my hair and try this moisturizing duo when I returned home from the airport and my hair was feeling extra dirty. The elation continued when I opened the bottle and inhaled the shampoo, I thought “OOooOO!” this emanates a very calming and soft scent, close to what I would describe as what I would hope the best smelling baby would smell like, but without any artificial fragrance.

When I began applying the shampoo to my hair, it lathered really easily. My hair is particularly high maintenance (it’s highlighted blond, curly, long, and thick so needs extra TLC) and the shampoo and conditioner fit right into my routine. Although not required, I left the conditioner on for about 10 minutes, combed through with a wide tooth comb, then rinsed it out with cool water (Evolvh recommends warm). It detangled my unruly hair with ease, which is the part I loathe most about managing my hair. Several hours later once my hair was dry, it felt very clean, healthy, soft, and was very shiny (I didn’t put any products in it before letting it dry). Evolvh lists this shampoo and conditioner duo as “beneficial for dry, over-processed or frizzy hair that needs moisture, fine hair that needs volume, curly, thick or coarse hair that needs softness, manageability and less frizz” and based on my experience that is an accurate description for my hair type.

For a natural girl, it’s excellent that this product is silicone free, sodium chloride free, alcohol free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan. Note that soy is listed as an ingredient, if you have an allergy or sensitivity. I generally try to avoid soy products but I think I could make an exception since I really enjoyed the product.

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream
Although this day cream is marketed for people with sensitive and redness-prone skin, it’s also a superb day cream for those who have normal to oily skin, since it’s very light. I prefer my day cream to have SPF but since my foundation has SPF I wasn’t too concerned. Five pumps was enough to cover my entire face and neck and it quickly dried leaving my skin smoothed and softened before putting on my makeup. Because this was a tester size, the pump was smaller than the normal sized bottle’s (1.6 oz), which only requires one to two pumps, per Pai’s instructions. This day cream is free of common ingredients that can exacerbate rosacea, like alcohol and witch hazel. While redness-prone skin is not an issue for me, I do have very sensitive skin and appreciated the gentleness and that there is no fragrance, besides the natural scent of the essential oils used (think chamomile tea) as fragrance can also contribute to allergies and skin irritation.   

Lovefresh Deodorant (Grapefruit)
I am conflicted on this deodorant. Lovefresh Deodorant kept me smelling fresh, not all day, but longer than most natural deodorants I’ve tried (10+ at this point). Natural deodorant is really tricky as most people have a different experience than the next person will have with the same product. Usually more frequent application is needed and sometimes a natural deodorant can make a user have a rank, ripe odor once it wears off. Fortunately, I did not experience the pungency with this deodorant and it’s great that this product is only composed of six ingredients that actually moisturized my underarm (shea butter and coconut oil) instead of irritating such a sensitive area.

Unfortunately it was really hard to rub on, felt like it was dragging on my skin, and went on white (but did dry pretty quickly and clear–under five minutes). Although, I liked the size because it fit neatly in my purse, my  issue with application was in part to the small size of the tube. I gravitate toward floral smells, not fruity, so fortunately the fragrance was not overpowering and did smell like fresh grapefruit, which I didn’t mind.


De Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm
I was resistant to first trying a cleansing balm because I thought I would go through it too quickly and that based on the directions, it was too complicated (which is ironic because my bedtime routine to some would be considered high maintenance). After staring at this balm for two minutes debating, I wet my face with warm water and applied only a pea size of the balm which, not only was enough to cover my entire face, but the balm itself was exceedingly luxurious. Positive and unexpected news for  a virgin cleansing balm user. Next, I placed a hot, wet  washcloth over my face and left it on for 30 seconds before using the washcloth to wipe off the rest of the makeup. I didn’t like placing the washcloth over my makeup because I try not to get makeup on my washcloths, but I did like the spa-like effect it created. An alternative solution I employed during a second testing was to wipe my face off with a konjac sponge to remove the makeup. Unfortunately even with the konjac sponge,  it did not take my makeup off as easily as I had hoped and it required a lot of toner to make sure it was completely gone. If your makeup usage is very minimal or non-existant and you’re looking for an upgrade in the face wash department, especially during the upcoming winter months because of its emollient features, or a product to use as a second cleanser, De Mamiel’s Restorative Cleansing Balm would be perfect.

Skin Owl Eye+
At first I was skeptical because this gel was so light. But, Skin Owl proves that you don’t need a heavy cream to combat aging or poor choices. You only need half a pea-size to cover each eye region and it dries completely within 15-30 minutes (depending the type of moisturizer or oils underneath). When I woke up the first morning after using this product, the skin around my eyes did feel moisturized and any cracking I could have had was gone. Yes, after one night. Although, I don’t have deep wrinkles since I’ve been using eye creams since I was in junior high–thanks mom!–the hyaluronic acid the gel is packed with is an essential ingredient in curbing wrinkles and helping smooth skin. I’ve been using this cleanly scented aloe, cucumber and jojoba oil concoction every evening for two weeks now and have noticed a difference in how moisturized my delicate skin around my eyes is and there are none of those little wrinkles that happen from lack of sleep (usually a problem for me) and a myriad of other bad habits that we occasionally inflict on ourselves, such as not drinking enough water or ingesting too much processed and sugary beverages and food.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
I am obsessed with resurfacing masks, which are like mini peels that leave your skin glowing, smooth and refreshed. The impact of a thin layer of Tata’s tiny mask, left on skin for 15-30 minutes and rinsed off with warm water is amazing. I prefer to do this mask once or twice a week before I apply makeup (and moisturize) because it gives my skin a super sleek surface to apply foundation, especially if I exfoliate before the mask. I also like to use this on my neck and décolletage, areas that are sometimes forgotten but also need extra love and maintenance.

I was able to scoop four masks worth out of the travel container, which I will keep to refill for my next adventure. While this mask is friendly for all skin types and I did not have any issues, I suggest doing a patch test before coating an entire area because occasionally resurfacing masks can be too strong on sensitive skin.

Purchase the discovery kit.

About Credo Beauty
Credo is a modern beauty apothecary that provides consumers with a holistic and unique shopping experience without having to sacrifice style for substance. Founded by industry veteran Shashi Batra in 2014, Credo offers an exquisite assortment of over 120 clean, eco-conscious brands in all beauty categories focused on natural, sustainable ingredients and brand practices. In addition to its e-commerce beauty platform, Credo opened its first retail location in San Francisco in June 2015, which houses the first U.S. Tata Harper Spa, and Nolita opened in May 2016. LA and Williamsburg are to come.

During November, each Clean Beauty Kit purchase in the month of November 2016 will include a complementary Credo Beauty Bar service of your choice. (San Francisco and Nolita locations).

Hopefully, a Chicago location will open soon too because as much as I love ordering from their website, going into the store on a regular basis would be amazing.

This post was sponsored by Credo Beauty. I received this discovery kit in exchange for my review and promotion. Every time I review a product for The Rose Reserve, it is authentic and based on my personal experience. View my entire disclaimer here.

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