Credo Clean Makeup Kit Review

Credo Crush Beauty Kit

Instead of dreaming of pumpkins and plaid this season, I’ve been scheming of how to turn my generally minimal beauty look into that of a mysterious vamp, (somewhere in between minimal and goth). Credo Beauty’s first Clean Makeup Kit (I have it in “smoke”—it’s also offered in “rose”), helped me elevate my look without all of the toxins and comes in a pretty canvas makeup bag that fits perfectly in my purse.     

Alima Pure Pressed Eyeshadow in Volt
I’ve been a fan of Alima Pure’s champagne pressed and loose powder shadows and this semi-sparkly soot did not disappoint. I’ve only dabbled with black makeup infrequently, however the color (black) looks darker in the compact than it does on my skin (charcoal), which made it easier to use and build to the level of color I wanted. With one to two swipes the color is semi-translucent, however with one or two more strokes it becomes opaque. I used an angled eyeliner brush to apply the pressed powder dry to the outer edge of my crease as well as an eyeliner on my bottom lid. Tip: If you want a bolder look, wet your brush before applying.

Juice Beauty Last Look Blush
Because I have somewhat oily skin, I’ve always viewed cream blushes as my adversary. However, after gently tapping Juice Beauty’s blush upward on my apples using my middle finger, I was slightly astounded at what I’ve been missing. Once I effortlessly blended the blush using an oval brush,  I had a fresh glow that appeared au natural or that I just left hot yoga. Applying a setting powder over my foundation and before the blush created an ideal surface to keep all components of my face beat in their desired locations. Because of its moisturizing components, Juice Beauty’s creamy blush would be great to add to your beauty regimen during the fall and winter in colder climates (no dry, flaky skin, please!) as well as creating a “no-makeup” look.

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara in Pro Black
I originally tried this mascara in the “pro purple” color and immediately purchased a few more—it was that good. I received a ton of compliments on it and it never gave me that rude raccoon look. However, I used the “pro black” color paired with a dewy foundation and after several hours there was slight smearing underneath my eyes, but not enough to detract me from wearing it again (extra setting powder under eyes helps as well). My eyes are very sensitive and I wear contacts and I wore this mascara for 12+ hours and my eyes remained burn and itch free. I can’t say this about a lot of mascaras, but the application delighted me: It goes on extremely easily and doesn’t clump whatsoever because of the high-tech brush. If you have shorter lashes, the Expressionist Mascara will be your best friend because it reaches tiny or broken eyelashes without smudging onto your eyelid and ruining that fresh shadow you just applied. While this mascara is amazing for lengthening and separating your lashes, it doesn’t plump them as much as I want (which is almost drag-queen degree…I know I’m extra) so I keep this for every day and apply a few ancillary coats when going out.

Vapour Beauty Halo Illuminator in Moonlight
I’ve been weary of trying a highlighter stick (I use a cream pot) because I thought it would make my foundation blotchy. It did not (yay!). The instructions are to heat it on the back of your hand in a circular motion before use (I did that for about 15 seconds) and then I dabbed it from my temple to my cheekbone. My ideal highlighter situation is that the product delivers a bold glint, but you can’t actually see it on your face, only that you’re shining. Vapour Beauty’s Illuminator completely delivered. Besides the sleek packaging and perfect purse sizing, the Illuminator goes on very seamlessly without lifting my foundation and it lasted on my face for hours. I wore the Illuminator over my Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation for a romantic, dewy look. 

Priti NYC Nail Polish in Sympathie Rose
I usually don’t paint my nails but when I do, I keep a merlot varnish in the mix and Sympathie Rose is the perfect color for my fall claws. I quickly painted only one coat (it seemed like the right move at the time), didn’t add a top coat, and three days later, absolutely no chips despite being a heavy handwasher (!!). The polish glided onto my nails and unlike a lot of polishes where a second coat is definitely needed to keep if from looking streaky, you can get away with only one coat if you’re in a rush. I accidentally figured out a makeup hack while trying Priti NYC’s polish, too: paint a nude or white shade underneath and it will make the color darker and pop off your hand.

Ilia Lipstick in Lucy’s Party
You know how a lot of lipsticks dry your lips out? Ilia’s lipstick is not one of them! This lipstick goes on very smoothly and exactly the shade it is in the tube: blood red. Because of the bold color, I recommend buffing lips with a washcloth or very fine exfoliator and water, lining lips, applying lipstick, then lightly blotting so the color doesn’t get on your teeth. I conducted the eating test and any smear was minimal and the color dimension stayed fully in tact. A bonus is that Lucy’s Party also makes your teeth look a lot whiter.

The Credo Clean Makeup Kit is available online and in stores for $59 (a $103 value).

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