How to Dress Sexy and Not Freeze

Guess Leather Jacket

Scientific research proves that you can be both ice queen and hottie.

Yes, winter allows more leeway for succumbing to our favorite “fancy” sweatpants and somewhat lackadaisical grooming habits because #freezing. However, taking time to finesse your outward appearance is not selfish or vain, but based on personal experience, lifts your mood and expands you mentally in the self-care/love realm. What’s sexier than loving yourself?

Before discussing outfit logistics, “sexy” must be defined. Based on an informal poll of males I recently conducted to confirm what we already knew, sexy is teasing a bit of skin but leaving something to the imagination. To expand into the fashion realm, unveiling only one (or two) physical elements assists in creating balance in your outfit. Sexy is also, much more importantly, an expression of resolute self-confidence in yourself (and what you’re wearing) and is not related to your body size or type. Finally, the real person you should be dressing for is yourself, everyone else is second (or irrelevant).  

Here’s how I do it:

…your best assets, whether that’s wearing tight pants or a dress with a high slit, because you have awesome legs or a fitted dress that perfectly outlines your booty (all those pliés for days finally paid off). The most effortless method to accentuate is to highlight your waist, creating an hourglass shape. While you can use a corset or obi belt, make a shapeless shirt or sweater sexier by tucking it in or tying it up in a knot.

Use unique details in clothing to show a little skin.

  • backless bodysuit
  • crop tops
  • cut outs in interesting locations such as your shoulder blade (I’m not referring to the standard side cutouts that were raging in popularity a few years ago).
  • deep-V tops and bodysuits
  • high-slits in dresses and skirts
  • off the shoulder

HM Silver Metallic Bodysuit

While black and red are traditionally considered “sexy” colors, a recent scientific study found that although it was initially thought that red influenced attraction and intimacy, there’s no validity of red’s attraction level. However, there are a plethora of studies done that colors arouse powerful behaviors and emotions. So, try using your intuition to guide you to a color matching how you want to feel but and don’t believe that only specific colors equate to a sexy vibe.
Missguided Satin Wrap Top
Lace, satin, sheer, velvet. Basically any fabric that could be found on your best lingerie and that someone would want to touch, wield in a playful and peekaboo style. I also add fur and other soft materials for a luxe effect, but that’s optional.

Michele Boutique Leopard Flare

There’s endless options but here are a few of my go-tos:

  • Chunky sweater or fur wrap/coat over a camisole and fitted bottoms or over a dress with ankle booties (and thick wool socks).
  • Leather jacket over a cropped fuzzy sweater and jeans.
  • Loose sweater (belted, optional), pull over one shoulder to accentuate (if possible), over a mini skirt and mid-calf ankle booties (elongate your leg).
  • Long sleeve velvet top or bodysuit, leather leggings, over the knee boots.

Urban Outfitters Leopard Velvet Dress


  • Wool socks and tights tucked into ankle booties
  • Lined pants
  • Tights under leather leggings or a dress/skirt (even if no one can see them).
  • Boots lined with fleece, fur etc. (not referring to your snow boots)

Leave a comment on how you dress sexy without freezing!

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