Oscars 2017 Red Carpet Recap

Oscars 2017 Recap

This is the first in a series called “So Textual” featuring text conversations on a variety of topics between Ariel Berchtold, Rose Reserve bestie and editor-at-large and myself, Victoria Rose. We’re opening the vault on our 10 year friendship and the sassy and salacious conversations that transpire no matter how many states or countries separate us. (It’s currently six states…but who’s counting.)

Ariel and I agreed: This year’s Oscars lacked the enchantment, not only in the show but in the raiment as well. It’s not a question of beauty, as some of the world’s most alluring people strutted down the red carpet. It felt like something was missing. 

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Editor’s note: Once we finished our conversation, we realized that Emma Stone’s Givenchy dress was in fact, NOT floor length but was a cascading fringe instead, amplifying our adoration even more. 

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