What Happened When I Stopped Using Body Lotion


No matter how religiously I maintain my skincare routine for my face and neck, I never was as dedicated to applying lotion on my body because I loathed the tediousness of rubbing it in. I realized this is a terrible habit and needed to change my ways promptly. But, when looking for a body lotion/butter, the types that I found either had ingredients I didn’t want on my skin, like soy (I follow a soy-free diet) or they were too expensive for the mass quantities that I wanted to use (once I broke my habit, that is). So I purchased pure shea butter butter but if you’ve ever encountered the emollient in a raw state, the application is difficult and I felt left a really funky fragrance, even hours afterwards.

My friend Anne, of Coffee and Qi (pronounced chee), recommended sweet almond oil as her solution for everything; a cleanser, makeup remover and body moisturizer. I promptly purchased a 16 ounce bottle to conduct my own experiment.

How to apply?
I applied a thin layer twice daily over my entire body-once in the morning and once before bed and would let it soak in for five minutes before getting dressed. Sweet almond oil has very little fragrance, you don’t have to rub it in like you would lotion and it dries completely within 10 minutes. If I am applying daily (even if it’s only once), I use one bottle per month.

What happened?
In one week, the mild eczema that I had on my triceps for years, was completely gone and has not come back (it’s been nine months!), even though I don’t always remember to use the almond oil every day. My skin has never felt this soft either and it takes off makeup extremely easily, although I don’t use it as a cleanser (I use Living Libations Seabuckthorn Oil). I also noticed that shaving is easier using this regularly. If you unexpectedly run out of shaving cream, you can use a super thin coat of almond oil, you’ll just have to rinse your razor more frequently. The final and possibly most exciting is that I had a very deep cut on my leg from having a freckle removed and have been rubbing almond oil on it once a day for the past three weeks and it’s healing extremely fast with very little scarring (images coming soon!).

Does it stain?
I’ve spilled it on my carpet, clothing and sheets and it dried clear every time.

Does it make you break out?
That’s a common misconception of oils is that you can’t use them on oily skin and that they make you break out. I have oily, acne prone skin and I only use oils on my face and body and have never had an issue with any oil causing more acne or oil. Oils are life.

What if you’re allergic to almonds?
Try grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. They are both carrier oils which means they are safe to use on your skin without having to be diluted. A lot of essential oils should not be directly used on your skin because they can cause burning–I recently accidentally gave myself a frankincense burn testing this theory. NOT cute.

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