Iowa born, Chicago suburbs raised. I enjoyed my experience so much at Loyola University Chicago, where I achieved my bachelor’s degree in journalism, that I decided to flourish in Chicago and have been here for almost a decade.

Since then I’ve been creating content for myself and other brands that is delightful, illuminating, intentional, and rebellious. It’s very Aquarius of me, if I do say so myself. But, it took a New Year’s Eve epiphany to unify the current ethos of my brand. 

I asked myself the age-old question, “there has to be more to life than this?” My postulation was the catalyst for a personal renaissance, dark night of the soul, Saturn return, or as most recognize it: a quarter-life crisis. 

Concurrently, I discovered I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which led to debilitating cystic acne and facial hair (!!). My quest for holistic remedies serendipitously shepherded me to create my video course Dream Skin (launching fall 2019!) and become a certified face reader.



I converted all my beauty, skincare and cleaning supplies to all-natural, clean, toxin-free–whatever I could find that had as few chemicals as possible. At that time (2013), there was still a quality gap with makeup, but I was committed to finding the best for my skin and wellness. A main part of my enjoyment involves heavily researching ingredients, clinical tests and skincare laws (nerd alert!). It’s a slight obsession knowing as many details as possible about a brand and product before I refer it to someone. 





I began scouring every magazine I could convince my parents to buy me for beauty products. Next came the testing phase which involved writing ingredient and usage notes and reviews in the infamous Ed Hardy notebooks of the early 2000s, and sharing my findings with anyone who would listen. My catchphrase at the time was, “Let’s do a makeover!”

Unifying the pivotal junctures of my life made my purpose visible: to empower and inspire people to live a more authentic and conscious life, starting with their aesthetic.

by the way...



today I’m currently PCOS and acne-free, have emancipated the limiting beliefs in my mind and the ghosts of my past (as far as I am know how ghosts are) and strutted into my present state of satisfaction. 


1. When I’m not working you can find me:

reading, cooking, jumping on my baby trampoline, traveling

2.Three adjectives that describe me:

loyal, playful, sassy

3.My favorite book:

Nonfiction:"The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn” / fiction: “Dollface” by Renee Rosen

4. Beauty product I can’t live without:


5. Favorite affirmation:

I am always surrounded by abundance, bliss and love. 

6. Movie I could watch forever:

Legally Blonde

7. Pet peeves:

bad manners + cigarette smoking

8. Splurges on:

shoes, skincare & sustenance

The 411 on Yours Truly