Dream Skin

Cure Your Acne Naturally,
Regain Your Self-Confidence,
and Have the Clear,
Smooth Skin You Want

You constantly hear yourself say (aka cry), “I’ve tried everything and nothing is working!” 

You wonder why some people who have an unhealthy diet, who eat dairy, gluten, meat, and sugar, have such amazing skin. But you have the perfect diet...and your acne still persists.

You don’t want to have to change your entire lifestyle and break the bank on products that don’t work just to have clear skin. 

You thought acne was just for teens but–surprise!–it’s not. Hello, adult acne and period breakouts. *cringe*

You wear a lot of makeup to cover your skin, but even that doesn’t really work and just leads to more acne...back to feeling self-conscious in public!

Your self-confidence is at an all-time low and you don’t want to leave the house. 

“I’ve tried everything
and nothing is working!”

Get rid of acne by cleaning up your environment, energetically and physically, with easy to implement steps that have you looking and feeling amazing.


Cure your skin from acne with a game plan of how to eat and what to eat–it’s not just leafy greens!


Get rid of acne and acne scars by creating the perfect, personalized clear skin routine for your budget and schedule. 



Heal your skin using your mind (it’s scientifically proven!) and boost your self-esteem with the most up-to-date, innovative methods. 

There’s tons of acne cures and information out there that can take weeks just to investigate. Let alone, the uncertainty of knowing if it will work. No need to piece this information together on your own: I’ve already researched, developed and tested everything, just for you. 

Dream Skin is the only method for adult and teen acne consisting of a four-part framework for clear, glowing skin. 

Say goodbye to acne.
For good.

“Victoria is amazing. A month after I switched to a vegan diet, I had a serious detox outbreak of acne all over my face and body. I had pimples in places I didn't know were possible. With little to nothing on the subject of detox acne online, I reached out to her for her expert advice. Her remedies and advice not only improved my self esteem but they WORKED at healing my acne in about a month. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from acne. She will save your face!!!”
–Alex H.

Client's Dream Skin

Most people start seeing rapid results within as little as two weeks, with about 20 minutes (or less) of practices from the class a day. However, because it takes between 28-40 days for complete cell turnover, give yourself at least two to three months for complete healing. 

Your Dream Skin

included in your course

In-depth videos for each of the four sections

worksheets and checklists that expand on the video topics

live weekly call with Victoria where you can ask questions

guided meditations, downloadable mp3 files

list of performance-reviewed, clean products (not required for course)

30 day calendar with a checklist for each week to keep you on track

You suffer from acne and are frustrated from trying everything.

You have blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, detox acne, hereditary acne,
hormonal acne, occasional acne, and/or recurring acne.

You want to boost your self-confidence higher than it’s ever been–with or without acne. 

You’re ready to leave your house with your best face forward. 

You’re over quick fixes that only get rid of the acne on the skin,
 but not prevent future acne.

You’re open-minded and excited to end this painful journey
you’ve been on.

You're ready for expert
help and support.

You’re ready to do the work–
it only works if you do!

Dream Skin is
perfect for you if...

You just want a quick fix.

You don’t believe you can cure your acne.

You only want to use prescription medicine or skincare
for your acne. 

You want to be an acne influencer. 

Your acne is a part of your identity and losing it would be losing
a part of you.

*no judgement

Dream Skin isn't
perfect for you if...

This whole process led me to become a certified Face Reader (more here), not “mapper” as I once thought, and to thoroughly trust in how much the mind needs to and should be used to heal the body as the first suggestion instead of last. I feel that i was called to do this work as the solutions just appeared before me and no matter how long I put this class off from launching (three years because I wanted to continue researching...perfectionism anyone?). Now it’s my honor to use my framework to help others suffering from all types of acne as well.

I call it divine intervention, but I had a miraculous idea to look up “face mapping” even though I was unclear on where I heard the term or even what it was. 

Researching “face mapping” and diving into cystic acne cures led me to discovering and being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). One of the side effects of PCOS is cystic acne on the jawline as the syndrome spikes your testosterone and affects your liver, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is correlated to the jaw.

Once I was diagnosed with PCOS, a syndrome with “no cure” as my gynecologist told me, I was committed to healing myself naturally, even though I didn’t know what that would look like or where it would lead me. Something in my heart told me that I would find a way and it would work.

After a while, the “incurable” PCOS was healed, however, the cystic acne was not. I knew that I didn’t want to take prescription acne medicine, but just eating clean was not preventing new acne from forming and skincare was only taking care of the current acne on the skin.

At this point, I was exhausted trying to figure out how to heal my acne and very self-conscious of my face. So, I decided I would just accept my acne somehow, and try one last thing I haven’t tried before: an envisioning to heal my acne (again another magical thing that came to me that I knew nothing about). I didn’t have any knowledge on how these envisionings worked but I was desperate. I waited two weeks because I didn’t feel ready. Then the day I did my envisioning with a plan of doing it multiple times a day until I was healed, I felt that I actually received the healing that I needed in that moment, so I ended up not doing it again and forgot about it.

A few days later I woke up and all of the acne was completely gone. Usually it takes two weeks (at least) for acne to heal. Now it’s been four years and the cystic acne has never returned.

It wasn’t until after six months of being off of birth control pills in my late 20s, that one day I woke up with cystic acne all across my jawline. I was at a work conference where I would be interacting with about 5,000 people that week. Eeek! 

Besides the occasional pimple in my youth, I never really experienced acne.

the creation of Dream Skin

What is the time commitment? 
After going through the class and its checklists, the daily upkeep during the healing process is
10-20 minutes a day.

Who is Dream Skin for? 
This course is for anyone with acne, teen through adult! There is also a special section for any person that has a menstrual cycle, as that can affect acne’s presence as well.

Can I do this course if I am pregnant? 
Yes! This course is safe for pregnant women to do. However, speak to your doctor or medical practitioner before starting Dream Skin.   

Does this course talk about acne scarring too? 
Yes! There’s an entire section devoted to healing acne scarring
and hyperpigmentation.

Does this work for acne on the back, chest and neck? 
Yes! Dream Skin is great for all types of acne and its location on your face and body.

Will this work if my acne is hereditary? 
YES! This works for all types acne! 

Does this work for rosacea? 
No. Dream Skin focuses solely on acne. The treatment for rosacea is different than acne. While some of the recommendations in the course may alleviate rosacea, others may exacerbate it which is why this course is only recommended for people with acne. 

I take an acne prescription currently, does that affect me taking the course?
As always, talk to your doctor or medical practitioner before trying this course! However, the only possible contraindications could be herbs, which I would recommend discussing with your doctor or medical practitioner first. 

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