Face Reading

Face reading is a modality from ancient China that correlates colors, lines, marks, shapes, and textures on the face and ears with a reciprocating emotion and organ in the body. The practice helps people heal emotional, physical and spiritual trauma and can be used in a myriad of ways.
I work with you to not only discover creative and holistic solutions to emotional and skin issues, but greatly increase the level of joy in your life. 

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"Victoria was prepared and knew exactly what she was doing. The reading was really interesting and definitely resonated with me and what is currently happening in my life. It was really great to be able to learn about it and address it after knowing what is causing some of the lines on my face."

"I was impacted the most during my session in regards to how my left side of my face is different that the right side of my face. For many years now I’ve known this to be true but never knew WHY! Victoria answered that question for me and also gave me practical advice on how to correct the problem."

"My face reading experience was above and beyond what I expected! I had very little knowledge going into it, but I was curious to learn more. I came out with an all-encompassing, 360-approach to natural beauty. Plus easy, actionable steps that I could start implementing immediately!"




...and so much more!

Aging prevention
Angry elevens 
Colon signs around mouth
Crow's feet 
Forehead lines 
Frown lines
Hyperpigmentation/liver spots 
Sagging skin
Smokers lines 
Under eye bags, circles and lines 


Bright, clear, smooth skin
Facial symmetry
Feel look beautiful/stunning 
Fuller cheeks
More joy in their lives 
Plumper lips 
Stop grinding teeth 
Thicker eyebrows 
Understanding of self and others 
Widow’s peak


Do you notice how the names of some skin issues sound more terrible than they actually are? Who named them anyways?! Part of my job is to show you a different way to view your beautiful face. BTW-"crow's feet" are actually called “joy lines” since you get them from smiling. :)

Here’s what my clients come to me for: 

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Face reading is beneficial for many reasons. What I assist clients with is physical and emotional wellness, increasing joy, understanding themself, and resolving skin issues, such as acne and wrinkles.

Why would someone want to have their face read?

If you didn’t submit your photos when you setup your appointment, take and submit the photos up to 48 hours before your appointment. I need the extra time to review so I can offer you the best reading possible. 

I require high-resolution, close-up photos of the following (five in total): face–forward, left and right sides. Ears: left and right. 

You can take the photos on your smartphone or with a camera as long as you have good lighting! 

what do i need to do to prepare?

Every session is customized to the individual, lasts one hour, and is very informal. At the beginning of your appointment we briefly review your intention, then I start to address different parts of your face depending on what is most relevant to what you want to receive from the session. Any colors, markings, shapes, and textures on your face and ears give me clues of how to direct your session. I’ve found that the appointments work best when they are conversational–so feel free to share information and ask questions throughout!

Our conversation is up to your discretion and is kept in the utmost of privacy. 


Where does my session take place?

Your appointment can take place anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection, privacy, and video chat capabilities. Each appointment happens over the video conference software Zoom, which can be used on a computer or a phone by downloading the app. 

When you create your appointment, you receive a link to my Zoom room. At the time of your appointment click the link and it will take you directly there. 

If you don’t have Zoom already, don’t forget to set it up before! You don’t have to create an account, just make sure it works on your device of choice. Detailed instructions are sent in your confirmation email as well. 

The face is very malleable and can change easier than people believe. How exciting is that?! If you have a wrinkle now, it can be reduced or even eliminated with a combination of introspective and holistic remedies. 

Most clients notice their skin is glowing and plumped during the session. Others have lost wrinkles during a one hour session. Others have found a sense of peace. 

While I consider all results to be positive, some people have felt they look a little worse after their session as they were releasing some stagnant emotions and energy. However, a few days later they have started seeing vast improvements from implementing my suggestions. 

All results are based on what is happening inside your body and mind. If you do the work, you will see results. One session may be enough for some people however, scheduling a follow-up appointment, usually two weeks to a month after the first appointment will help to advance your transformation.

When will I start seeing results?

While palm reading is the art of interpreting a person's character or predicting their future by examining the palm of their hand., face reading discusses markings on the face and ears, how they could have occurred and how to resolve them. Unlike palm reading, face reading does not predict the future. 

Is face reading like palm reading?

Where did you learn face reading?

I learned face reading from Lillian Bridges at the Lotus Institute in Seattle. I highly recommend her Master Face Reading Certification program if you’re interested in furthering your understanding of the human body and expression.